Billbyte enables service providers and enterprises to set-up centralized or internal cloud service brokerage, management and delivery. The Platform provides capabilities to aggregate, manage and govern cloud services from multiple Cloud Service Providers.

Enterprises like government agencies, systems integrators, distributors, ICT service providers, technology providers, and managed service providers can all be enabled by the Platform to be central cloud management and delivery organizations – providing IT as a Service to their customers like SMBs or enterprise having Internal IT departments.

The features offered by the billing engine in Billbyte Platform are specifically designed by considering IaaS and SaaS services consumption in mind. IaaS billing constituents a bill which is generated based on the usage, however, Billbyte’s billing engine also supports a fixed monthly billing for IaaS if required. The SaaS billing is generated based on the number of licenses consumed, the number of licenses purchased and also provides a fixed and usage-based billing during the tenure of subscription. Apart from these we also provide PaaS billing which constituents’ usage-based billing and fixed subscription or at times could be a combination of both. The Billbyte cloud billing engine helps you organize and manage all your billing needs.

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