Take Full Control of AWS Billing

AWS extends one of the most flexible platforms for businesses to grow and scale on demand. Although it does provide basic tools to save and scale in general, you cannot realize the full potential of your cloud without optimizing your costs. This is where BillByte comes in. It not only allows you to see the big picture but based on actionable intelligence, enables you to cut your cloud costs into half.

How Billbyte Helps

  • Tracks customer usages down to a single subscription level in near real-time.
  • Enables the CSPs to view profit and loss on a per subscription basis.
  • Provides single consolidated bill to each customer, for all its products combined.
  • Extends self-serve capability to order new Microsoft SKUs.
  • Based on business intelligence helps cut costs into half.


Total Visibility

View all your AWS accounts in one place

Real Time Reporting

Gather accurate analytics and reports in near real time

Consolidated Bills

Send a single consolidated bill for all services, across all cloud platforms

Cost Breakups

Break down costs according to users, customers and services

Cost Centers

Transform each customer into a cost center

Cost Management

Aggregate costs across various cost centers

Accurate Views

Get clear insights with easy to comprehend visual representations and views

Cloud Intelligence

Make informed decisions based on business intelligence

Cost Savings

Spot the heaviest hitters to your cloud costs, cut your cloud costs into half

Monthly Spends

View monthly spends for each user, customer or service

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What You Get

On board your cloud project and track your service utilization.

Have a bird’s eye view of your customers, resources and services.

Get insights on your cloud costs and make sense of your bill!

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