About Cloud Service Broker

Cloud Service Brokers resell services of major cloud platform vendors through your reseller network. No infrastructure of your own is needed. BillByte user panel provides hands-on features to ensure complete and faul-free management of your real-time billing affairs.

Cloud Service Providers

  • Amazon Web Services account registration through Billbyte
  • Individual or departmental signup and usage monitoring of AWS services
  • AWS services subscription-based billing through Billbyte
  • Subscription of internal accounts to a number of cloud products and services offered by AWS, including storage, compute, databases, networking, analytics, mobile, management tools, developer tools, IoT, enterprise and security applications
  • Account registration with Microsoft Azure or Office 365 through Billbyte
  • Creation of internal accounts as individuals or departments
  • Selection from a variety of products and services offered, including Compute, Networking, Storage, Web and Mobile Apps, Containers, Databases, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Integration, Security, Developer and Management Tools.
  • Usage tracking and billing

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Product Management

Product Catalog Synchronization

  • Choice of wide range of products provided by Cloud Platform Vendors
  • Product portfolio creation and maintenance with Billbyte

Sales Product Catalog

  • Sales catalog creation for all of customer’s product offerings
  • Manual development of product offerings or automatic import of products from Cloud Platform Vendor management interface

Pricing Strategy

  • Pricing strategy with Billbyte’s pricing module
  • Choice between a Fixed pricing model or a Cost Plus Pricing model.
  • Allocation of a pricing strategy to specific customers, based on their preference.

Panel Reseller

Reseller Appointment

  • Creation of new reseller accounts and management of reseller network
  • Packaging solutions with industry-leading products of Cloud Platform Vendors

Let Resellers create Resellers

  • Appointment of further resellers down the line with Billbyte
  • Availability of same selling tools for every reseller in the network as top level broker

Reseller Self-Serve Portal

  • Personalized content and important support documentation for every reseller
  • Order status and new order placement interface for every reseller

Account & Customer Management

Amazon AWS Account Creation

  • An API call from your system will create customer’s account with Amazon platform.
  • For Amazon, customer will be able to login directly to AWS and order any services that he wants.

Microsoft Order Management Portal

  • For Microsoft, BillByte will provide your customers will an order management portal listing all Azure and Office 365 services.
  • Customers will be able to order as they wish.

Account Registration

  • Account creation and credentials registration with Cloud Service Providers
  • Formation of internal enterprise accounts such as individual or departmental accounts

Customer Creation

  • Create your customer accounts in BillByte through a single API call.

Billing & Reconciliation


  • Allocation of different range of products to internal accounts
  • Product portfolio creation and maintenance with Billbyte

Usage Records

  • Detailed collection of usage from Cloud Platform Vendors with Billbyte
  • Monitoring of usage in near real-time as usage data becomes available

Reconciliation of Usage Records

  • Reconciliation of your usage data line item by line item with monthly CPV invoice
  • Reporting of discrepancies found during reconciliation

Cost Calculation

  • Calculation and monitoring of costs for each internal account as a cost center
  • Calculation of costs with quota system.

Payment Gateway

  • Support for multiple payment gateways including Paypal and Perfect Money
  • Merchant account sign up


  • Transaction processing in more than one currency
  • Account localization by billing usage with Billbyte in your own currency

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