Cloud Solution Provider

Billbyte CSP solution includes everything in Enterprise account along with the following additional features.

Sales Product Catalog

  • Sales catalog creation for all of customer’s product offerings
  • Manual development of product offerings or automatic import of products from Cloud Platform Vendor management interface
  • Visibility of specific product bundles to enterprises, individuals, partners or any other specific customers
  • Real-time pricing updates integrated directly with cloud vendors

Pricing Strategy

  • Pricing strategy with Billbyte’s pricing module
  • Choice between a Fixed pricing model or a Cost Plus Pricing model
  • Allocation of a pricing strategy to specific customers, based on their preference


Customer Payment Information

  • Customer payment details availability on Billbyte’s payment interface
  • Initial payment deposit by customers through Billbyte


Unbilled Usage Calculation

  • Unbilled usage estimation in near real-time for every account subscription
  • Cost calculation for unbilled usage data for each account
  • Separate usage record maintenance for every user account

Budget Allocation

  • Usage quota and budget allocation to each account
  • Usage quota consumption notifications
  • Quota consumption review at any point of time with Billbyte
  • Spending limits for each service being used within a customer account
  • Limitation for over-consumption of resources by a single service to the detriment of other services for each customer account

Sales Invoices

  • Electronic invoices for all of your customer accounts
  • Detailed billing of all individual services for every account
  • Timely sending of invoices to customers
  • Follow up of late paying customers

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Support for multiple payment gateways including Paypal and Perfect Money
  • Merchant account sign up
  • Easy acceptance of customer bill payment through credit card


Invoice Adjustment

  • Invoice item adjustment with received customer payments at the line level
  • Credit reduction adjustment for customer discounts
  • Revenue recognition with service period, accounting code and other essential invoice item information
  • Multiple adjustments against one invoice item when required
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