Data Protection


BillByte needs to gather certain information from customers and/or website users for the provision of all the agreed upon and/or optional services if any. The Data Protection Policy defines how this data must be handled, processed and stored to comply with the state law. It describes how data is managed to meet the data protection standards of the company as well.

Data Protection Law

The Data Protection Law, Article 5 under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encapsulates that the personal data should be kept and processed legitimately. It should be gathered for specific purpose and not for public interests or scientific research or statistical purposes. The data should be kept updated and it must be ensured that the inaccurate personal data should be rectified at earliest. It also says that the personal data should be kept secure.

BillByte assure that all the handling and processing of users’ personal data is completely law compliant and meet all the standards of data protection. We endorse that the information is collected, processed and stored for the defined purpose of service provisioning and not otherwise.


At BillByte we are committed to ensure secure mechanisms to retain your data well protected and are responsible to:

Keep Your Data Secure

BillByte keeps your personal data secure by employing strict access controls and powerful encryption techniques. Keeping your data secure means we will not allow any unauthorized person to access your records. We use law complaint procedures and proper measures to gather, process and store your information till we completely destroy it.
We employ the following data security techniques:
i. Authentication
ii. Authorization
iii. Role Based Security

Keep Your Data Updated

BillByte reviews your personal data time to time and makes sure all irrelevant and outdated data is erased and/or rectified without any delays.

Keep Your Data Restricted

BillByte will not share your personal information unless we have a lawful basis for doing so. How we gather, store and process your personal information is comprehensively explained in our Privacy Policy. None of your records, personal information, or any part of your data is shared and/or transferred to anyone except under certain legal terms.

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