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  • Enterprise
  • Cloud Solution Provider
  • Cloud Service Broker
  • Multi Service Provider
EnterpriseCloud Solution ProviderCloud Service BrokerMulti Service Provider
Support AWS
Support Microsoft Online (Azure and Office365)
Synchronize product catalog from cloud service provider
Create Accounts with Cloud Service Provider
Assign product subscriptions to Accounts / Hydration
Fetch usage records ( AWS/Azure)
Calculate costs per subscription
Reconcile usage records with invoices from backend cloud service providers
Create sales product catalog
Decide sales pricing strategy (Percentage/Fixed)
Get payment information from customers
Process initial deposit payments from customers
Process unbilled usage in near real-time for each subscription
Set budget / quotas for each account usage (where supported by cloud service provider)
Process sales invoices
Payment Gateway Integration
Adjust invoice line items against received payments
Create Resellers
Let resellers create resellers
Reseller Self-Serve portal like Host
Rest API
Monthly Minimum
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