About Multi Service Provider

BillByte MSP Account enables any ISP or other service provider to become an MSP (Multi-Service Provider). You can offer services from major cloud platform vendors including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 to your existing customers.
It includes APIs for easy integration of your existing BSS / OSS systems with BillByte and it offers full lifecycle from order to cash management of these services.

Cloud Service Providers

  • Amazon Web Services account registration through Billbyte
  • Individual or departmental signup and usage monitoring of AWS services
  • AWS services subscription-based billing through Billbyte
  • Subscription of internal accounts to a number of cloud products and services offered by AWS, including storage, compute, databases, networking, analytics, mobile, management tools, developer tools, IoT, enterprise and security applications
  • Account registration with Microsoft Azure or Office 365 through Billbyte
  • Creation of internal accounts as individuals or departments
  • Selection from a variety of products and services offered, including Compute, Networking, Storage, Web and Mobile Apps, Containers, Databases, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Integration, Security, Developer and Management Tools.
  • Usage tracking and billing

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Product Management

Product Catalog Synchronization

  • Choice of wide range of products provided by Cloud Platform Vendors
  • Product portfolio creation and maintenance with Billbyte

Sales Product Catalog

  • Sales catalog creation for all of customer’s product offerings
  • Manual and automatic import of products from Cloud Platform

Pricing Strategy

  • Choice between a Fixed pricing model or a Cost Plus Pricing model.
  • Choice between a Fixed pricing model or a Cost Plus Pricing model.

Panel Reseller

Reseller Appointment

  • Creation of new reseller accounts and management of reseller network
  • Packaging solutions with industry-leading products of Cloud Platform Vendors

Let Resellers create Resellers

  • Appointment of further resellers down the line with Billbyte
  • Availability of same selling tools for every reseller in the network as top level broker

Reseller Self-Serve Portal

  • Personalized content and important support documentation for every reseller
  • Order status and new order placement interface for every reseller

Account & Customer Management

Amazon AWS Account Creation

  • An API call from your system will create customer’s account with Amazon platform.
  • Customer will be able to login directly to AWS and order any services that he wants.

Microsoft Order Management Portal

  • For Microsoft, BillByte will provide your customers will an order management portal listing all Azure and Office 365 services.
  • Customers will be able to order as they wish.

Account Registration

  • Account creation and credentials registration with Cloud Service Providers
  • Formation of internal enterprise accounts such as individual or departmental accounts

Customer Creation

  • Create your customer accounts in BillByte through a single API call.

Billing & Reconciliation


  • Allocation of different range of products to internal accounts
  • Product portfolio creation and maintenance with Billbyte

Usage Records

  • Detailed collection of usage from Cloud Platform Vendors with Billbyte
  • Monitoring of usage in near real-time as usage data becomes available

Reconciliation of Usage Records

  • Reconciliation of your usage data line item by line item with monthly CPV invoice
  • Reporting of discrepancies found during reconciliation

Cost Calculation

  • Calculation and monitoring of costs for each internal account as a cost center
  • Calculation of costs incurred on every project associated with internal accounts for future usage quota allocation

Unbilled Usage Calculation

  • BillByte will provide near real-time reporting of usage data in current ongoing month and its cumulative financial costs for each individual subscription and for customer in total.

Sales Invoice

  • End of the month, BillByte will provide you invoice line items that you can fetch through an API call and embed these line items directly into your existing invoicing system to customers.

Payment Gateway

  • Support for multiple payment gateways including Paypal and Perfect Money
  • Merchant account sign up


  • Transaction processing in any currency
  • Account localization by billing usage with Billbyte in your own currency

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