Multi Service Providers (MSP)

The MSP acccount consists of all the features included in the Enterprise , CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) and CSB (Cloud Service Broker) account along with the following additional features.

BillByte MSP Account enables any ISP or other service provider to become an MSP (Multi-Service Provider). You can offer services from major cloud platform vendors including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 to your existing customers.
It includes APIs for easy integration of your existing BSS / OSS systems with BillByte and it offers full lifecycle from order to cash management of these services.

Customer Creation

  • Create your customer accounts in BillByte through a single API call.

Amazon AWS Account Creation

  • Another API call from your system will create customer’s account with Amazon, Microsoft or Office 365 platforms.
  • For Amazon, customer will be able to login directly to AWS and order any services that he wants.

Microsoft Order Management Portal

  • For Microsoft, BillByte will provide your customers will an order management portal listing all Azure and Office 365 services.
  • Customers will be able to order as they wish.
  • No further integration necessary.


Unbilled Usage Reporting

  • BillByte will provide near real-time reporting of usage data in current ongoing month and its cumulative financial costs for each individual subscription and for customer in total.
  • You can implement a complete credit control system through this.
  • Simple API integration achieves this.

Invoice Line Item Integration

  • End of the month, BillByte will provide you invoice line items that you can fetch through an API call and embed these line items directly into your existing invoicing system to customers.
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