Terms Of Service


This Service Level Agreement is between BillByte and Customers for the provisioning of agreed upon services. The purpose of this agreement is to classify basic services, and any additional or optional services to be offered by BillByte.
This agreement is valid till outdated or revised by another agreement approved by all the stakeholders mutually. It ensures that all the service parameters and commitments are in place to offer the agreed upon services to the customers from BillByte.

Validity Period

This agreement is valid till any further notice. It should be reviewed time to time at least once a year and document content is then modified accordingly as required. Once modified after a mutual consent of all the participants, a copy of this agreement should be communicated or share with all the affected parties.

Service Agreement

In support of this agreement, BillByte is liable to provide following services to the customers.

Service Scope

BillByte is bound to ensure following services to all its customers:
1. Telephone Support
2. Email Support
3. Remote Assistance (where possible)

Customer Responsibilities & Requirements

In support of this agreement, customers are responsible and/or require for the followings:
1. All due payments should be made on the agreed time frame
2. Support team availability at the time of customers’ request to resolve an issue


It is assumed that any modification to this agreement will be documented and shared with all the participants right after it is made.

Service Management

BillByte ensures effective support for all the in-scope services to maintain consistent service levels. This section provides details regarding service availability, management and related details.

Service Availability

In support of this agreement, following services are covered:
1. BillByte services will be operational to the customers for at least 99% of the time in any month.
2. In case of scheduled maintenance, a service disruption notice will be sent to the customers at least 6 days prior to the interruption.

Service Priority

BillByte prioritizes all the coming requests and service incidents as High, Medium, and Low. Thus responds accordingly as:
• (0 – 8) Business hours are reserved for issues having High priority
• Within 48 business hours are reserved for issues having Medium priority
• Within 5 working days for issues having Low priority

Product Review Process

This Service Level Agreement is subject to be reviewed and modify accordingly when following event take place:
1. Change in environment
2. Change in performance processes
3. Change in any of the stakeholder’s requirements
4. Change in workload
5. Change in policies

Agreement Closure

All the participants will evaluate and review the agreement content once in a year.