Easy Integration with WHMCS

Are you a web hosting company using WHMCS? You can resell cloud services of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure by getting a subscription from BillByte.com and integrating our APIs in your WHMCS billing using the provided module.
To know more about the market, its size, expected margins and returns, read Cloud Service Brokerage of major providers.
Public cloud services are charged based on actual usage and that requires a different type of billing than your typical subscription based billing. To understand the differences, read How Usage based Billing is different from Subscription Billing.

In 3 Simple Steps

Obtain an AWS Account or Become a Microsoft CSP Partner

Sign Up for a BillByte Account to link with your WHMCS installation

Download and Install and configure the module in your WHMCS install.

WHMCS Integration

Forward bills to the end user from the WHMCS portal
Facility to create customer accounts through WHMCS
Easy cost management through BillByte portal
Invoice generation in similar currency
Value addition opportunity for the Broker in the form of Consultancy, Migration etc.
Significant cost reductions for the WHMCS users.


Steps To Take

  • Configure a Server
  • Include a new Product
    • Specify relevant Module Settings
    • Add Additional Fields required for AWS or Microsoft
  • Add WHMCS Client
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